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Our commitments

At RESONUT, our commitment to the fight against malnutrition transcends our mission to coordinate and amplify civil society’s efforts in this vital area. We are dedicated to promoting the nutritional health and well-being of people in Burkina Faso, especially the most vulnerable groups such as children and pregnant women.

Our Commitment to Nutrition


Advocacy and Influence

We are committed to influencing national policies and programs in favor of better nutrition, working hand in hand with decision-makers, technical and financial partners, and civil society.


Partnership and Collaboration

The strength of our network lies in its ability to unite energies. We work closely with our members and partners to pool our resources and expertise, maximizing our impact on nutrition in Burkina Faso.


Innovation and Knowledge Sharing

We are committed to collecting, disseminating and promoting best practices and innovations in nutrition. Our aim is to encourage the adoption of effective, evidence-based strategies across the country.


Community involvement

We believe in the importance of community involvement to the success of our initiatives. By involving communities in the design, implementation and evaluation of our programs, we ensure a more sustainable approach that respects local needs and realities.


Transparency and Accountability

We operate with the utmost transparency and are committed to being accountable to our members, donors, partners and the communities we serve. We believe that trust and clarity are essential to achieving our common goals.