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miscellaneous works

A showcase of our ongoing commitment to deepening and sharing knowledge in the field of nutrition and beyond. Here you’ll find a varied selection of publications that reflect the richness and diversity of our interests and research. These books are the fruit of the hard work of our members, partners and recognized experts, designed to inform, inspire and inspire action.

Our Collection

Our diverse collection of books covers a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:


Practical Nutrition Guides

Accessible advice to improve families’ daily diet, with a focus on infant nutrition, food preparation and food safety.


Training Manuals

Educational resources for health professionals, educators and civil society players, aimed at strengthening local capacities in the field of nutrition.


Testimonials and Case Studies

Inspiring stories of communities and individuals who have overcome nutritional challenges through innovative interventions.


Political Analysis

In-depth studies of public policy on nutrition and health, offering insights into best practices and challenges.

Why explore our works?


Expand Your Knowledge

Each publication offers valuable, up-to-date information, enriching your understanding of current nutritional issues.


Inspiring Action

Through concrete examples and practical recommendations, our books aim to motivate positive changes in policies, practices and individual behavior.


Supporting Research

By purchasing our publications, you contribute directly to funding future research projects and supporting RESONUT’s mission.

Guide to integrating nutrition into Local Development Plans and Strategies

This guide, which is a “Recueil Technique Intégré en Nutrition”, represents a pragmatic choice based on the following principlessuccessful experiences in nutrition intervention or action. In this sense, it is a guidean introduction to nutrition that inspires the desire to go further, and is easy to use by a wide range of players
from a variety of fields.

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